The term “stupid” or “ridiculous” is very special as it is not clearly defined. The online dictionary of Merriam – Webster defines that ‘ridiculous’ as ‘there is no reasonable or orderly relationship with human life: meaningless, ie lack of order or value’. Many existing existential philosophers defined it in their own way. Prior to World War II, German philosopher Soren Kierkegarrd defined what is absurd as “the quality of Christian faith contrary to rational human expectations” (Woelfel 40).

Albert Camus’ famous novel The Stranger has many unusual events, and absurd theories are often thought through the process. The hero Meursault confused himself and developed Camus’ ridiculous philosophy. His philosophy is that human beings tend to impose a reasonable order to the world in the face of absurd evidence of the world. According to the Webster Dictionary, “Absurd is obviously meaning irrationality” (Webster 4). This means that Camus believes that everyone has sort of orders in places that are clearly out of order. I do not agree with the theory of coronation. I believe the world is orderly and most people follow this order. It is not absurd to obey what you think is right. Continuing to obey socially accepted things is not very personal, but of course ridiculous.

Note: The coronation ceremony is named after the philosopher Albert Camas. He makes different interpretations of absurd views. However, it is generally considered that absurdity is a confrontation between self and the world. Absurdity is the difference between desire and material reality. The Camus system wants to provide the user with the difference between the desire for the result of the data and the actual situation.

About Amazon: “Stranger” is a novel published by Albert Camus in 1942. His theme and opinion are often cited as models of crowned expression absurd and existential philosophy, but coronation ceremonially rejected the latter label. The nominal role is an indifferent French Algerian (“French, living in North Africa, Mediterranean, homosexuals, people who have little participation in traditional Mediterranean culture”) and his mother I am present. After the funeral he mistakenly killed the Arab people he admitted in French Algiers.